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Aurrion was founded in 2008 to develop a silicon photonic platform that can scale with industry needs. Through the integration of InP-materials into a silicon process flow, Aurrion solves the fundamental deficiency with silicon photonics technology and enables the manufacturing of best-in-class optical solutions with a cost-effective process.


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Aurrion is opening the door to the next generation of datacenter infrastructure.


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Latest News

  • Aurrion Taking Lead in Obama’s Initiative for 21st Century Manufacturing
    By aurrion,

    “Professor John Bowers’ work with Obama’s American Institute for Manufacturing (AIM) has made data storage more efficient by using optical fibers (photonics) rather than the traditional electrical fiber. The benefits of optical fibers are similar to those of gallium nitrite: less energy loss, more capacity and faster data transmission using less power. Dr. Bowers mentions


  • Greg Fish to Present at PIC International – Brussels, Belgium
    By aurrion,

    The 2016 PIC International Conference is in Brussels on March 1.  Aurrion’s CTO, Dr. Greg Fish, is invited to present on Heterogeneous integration: Creating photonic circuits for advanced systems-in-package. Dr. Fish will review recent progress in photonic integration, packaging, and design methodologies developed at Aurrion that enable the incorporation of photonics into systems by conventional electronic designers without prerequisite knowledge


  • Aurrion Invited to Speak at IPC – Reston, Virginia
    By aurrion,

    Aurrion will present a talk at the 28th annual Conference of the IEEE Photonics Society in Reston, Virginia on October 5, 2015.  The talk is entitled “Heterogeneously Integrated Silicon Lasers for Optical Interconnects.”

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